Monday, June 6

i made a poll. please vote or my dad will have to vote like 50 times so i don't cry

Whenever I don't post for a while I always feel pressure to make my first post back super awesome.

Unfortunately this isn't one of those times.  I just wanted to let you know that I am back.  My sensasianal  lover got me a new laptop.  Get it?  He's Asian and sensational.  Sensasianal.  Except now all I see in the word is anal.  I should not be allowed to make up words.

Anyway, hopefully I won't break this laptop like I did the other one two.

To show my appreciation for those of you who take time out of your day to read my mindless jabbering I thought I would let you choose what you would like to hear about first.  I've created a poll and posted it on the top right corner.  Vote as many times as you want.  I have no idea when voting ends, but probably sometime this week and I will post the story shortly afterwards.

Please vote so I don't feel lame.  I've always wanted to create a poll so don't ruin this for me.

If you are viewing this in a reader or e-mail there is a poll on the site.  Please visit to vote.

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