Monday, May 3

appreciate what?

Have you ever met anyone that you just wanted to shake the crap out of?  Have you ever had to restrain from doing that, because that person or people help determine your child's future?  Yeah.  Me either.

A couple of weeks ago as I was going through E's backpack I came across this

I was convinced the envelop contained information regarding the upcoming kindergarten registration or a progress report.  

Or not.

I am new to this whole being a parent of a school aged child gig.  I have heard of teacher appreciation week before, but I guess I misunderstood the seriousness of it.  Since when is it appropriate to ask for gifts and outline what you would like to receive each day?  This is totally unfair to the sweet little four or five year old who is unable to bring in a gift due to their family's financial situation.   

Perhaps they could send home a list of things I should be appreciative of so I don't get confused.  Should I be appreciative of the unnecessary phone calls?  The work that is sent home in my son's backpack, but belongs to another child?  How about when they told him that if you believe in God you don't dress up for Halloween?    I could totally thank them for telling my kid today that he was supposed to bring them a gift and making him feel bad for not doing it.

I know that these are only "suggestions", but who are they kidding?  My kid will totally be blacklisted if he doesn't show up with a token of his appreciation.  I totally want to boycott this whole thing, but I don't want make him feel left out either.

P.S. I totally have respect for teachers.  My step-mom was a teacher and she worked her butt off for her students and was definitely not a glory hound.


  1. Deshawna WilliamsMay 4, 2010 at 12:06 AM

    That is funny becca!! OMG

  2. Let Ethan make her something each day. Seriously, give the kid some crayons and paper and let him show his appreciation how he sees fit. He won't feel left out, and you won't feel broke. Because it's not about getting fabulous gifts right? It's the thought that counts... right?!

  3. Murph I let him make cards, but I am pretty sure those petty assholes aren't going to appreciate it like they should.

  4. Wtf?! I have never heard of a "themed" teacher appreciation gift week. That is freakin' ridiculous!! I can understand sending out a note about it, and leaving it up to the child and his parents to decide if they would like to do something (1thing) for their teacher. But, that crap of a letter they sent out was basically saying bring something everday this week for your teacher. Wow... Is a simple "thank you" not good enough anymore???

  5. Kimberly I didn't know if I just didn't know what goes on in elementary schools today or if this was absolutely ridiculous. Why would they want to teach the kids that you have to buy someone something to show appreciation? I am hoping for better things in kindergarten.



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