Wednesday, September 8

does anyone know a good travel agent?

My husband likes to have nightly chats with me, which is awesome except that he is sitting on the toilet and I am perched on the edge of the bathtub.

I'll give you a minute to get rid of  the mental picture.

We discuss all sorts of things.  He likes to ask me questions and then shoot down my answers.  He is nice like that.

Hey do you wanna go on vacation next year?

Yeah let's go to Florida to visit my sister

That's fucking lame.  Let's go to Italy dude.

What the hell are we going to do in Italy with Ethan?

I'm going to backpack across Italy.

What?!  You can't even backpack across the street.  People backpack across Europe not just Italy stupid.

Why do I need to backpack across the street when I can just drive?

How are you going to carry all your snacks and crap across Italy with just one backpack?

I'm going to have my suitcase in a hotel room.

Sooo you're going to waste money on a hotel room while you are backpacking?  You can't have a hotel room while you are backpacking.  That's lame.  

I'm going to take a Taxi back to my hotel every night.

That's not backpacking.

Uuummm.  I'm wearing a backpack so it's backpacking.

It's not fucking backpacking.  It's touring while wearing a backpack.

Whatever!  Well I am certainly not going suitcasing across Italy.

Just because you are wearing a backpack doesn't mean you are backpacking.  I wear cross trainers to work and I certainly don't cross train.


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