Tuesday, September 28

the chris rock of kindergarten

Lately I have been working with my son on sounding out words.  He is getting pretty good at it, but gets a little confused sometimes.

The other morning we were eating breakfast.  By we were eating breakfast I mean he was eating soggy frosted flakes and I was ironing on the kitchen table.

Mommy!  How do you think my day was yesterday?

Uuummm...I don't know how was your day?

Well when I comed home it was ok, but on the playground it was not so good.  He really said "comed", but I was too interested in the conversation to correct him.


Somebody called me a bad word

Who?!  What did they say?

I can't remember.

What?  Go brush your teeth.

A little while later while I was making his lunch, Mr. Forgetful walked into the kitchen

I remembered who called me the bad word and what they said.

Who said it?


Is that a boy or girl?

A boy.  He called me the H word.

The H word?  What is the H word?


It's ok say it this one time and you won't get in trouble.


Stay away from that kid.

He's my friend and he is hilarious.  

Apparently this kid is like the Chris Rock of kindergarten walking around making jokes about boogers and calling people "mudderfuckers".

Imagine my surprise when I was at Ethan's soccer game on Saturday and I hear a kid say "Ethan!" to which Ethan replied "JOELLE! What are you doing here?"

I finally got to meet the Chris Rock of Kindergarten and according to a certain witness I was incredibly loud when telling this story and almost caused a fight.  I find this very hard to believe.  I am very shy and considerate of everyone's feelings.


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