Tuesday, February 15

do not let me near your electronics

A couple of years ago I decided to save money and make coffee at home. I did not take into account my extreme clumsiness and accidentally spilled coffee on my laptop's keyboard. I pretty much turned a fifty cent cup of coffee into a $150 profit for Best Buy. That's how I roll.

In December my laptop turned on me. It would only charge when it wanted to or when I would wiggle the cable in just the right way. A couple of weeks later it stopped charging completely and now is a useless douche nugget.

I haven't been able to blog to the delight of many.*

Luckily for me I received an early V-Day and B-Day gift that is enabling me to peruse and abuse the interwebs again.**

*Basically, I'm writing this post to test a fancy schmancy blogging app I downloaded. Hopefully this post does not disappear after I hit publish.

**You can send all hate mail to my husband.

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