Tuesday, April 26

i'm the next andy warhol

My kid has soccer practice on Tuesdays, which is totally pointless. They all still use their hands and kick the ball into the other team's goal and I'm not allowed to laugh, because the other mothers are way too sensitive.

After practice today we went to the grocery store for Cadbury Creme Eggs, breakfast sandwiches, TV dinners, Red Bull, grapes and water.* I didn't make a list for this crap it just ended up in my basket. I know you are totally judging me just like the super soccer mom we ran into who only had Diet Pepsi in her cart.

On the way home from my nutritional shopping expedition some maniac was pedaling his bicycle like a raging bat out of hell across four lanes of traffic and almost t-boned me.

I really wanted you to feel like you were there so I drew a picture.

To save time I'll answer your questions now. Yes, my eyes were open while drawing this. No, I do not drive a spaceship with ears.


I was outraged and curious about what drugs this guy was on.

Me: Oh my goodness! What was that guy thinking?

Ethan: Obviously he was thinking he wanted to get hit by a car today. Is he crazy we are in a car and he is on a bike?

This my friends was the debut of a true smart ass. My legacy will live on.**

*The grapes were for show.
**I probably should look into a new legacy.


  1. Ha ha. I remember how thrilling it was when my kid starting saying things that were ACTUALLY FUNNY instead of just little-kid silly. Way to pass the torch.

  2. Taking credit for ethan's artwork?!? Shame on you!



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