Sunday, February 28

The reason Maury Povich still has a show

Some of you that know me are aware of the fact that I am married to a Chinese person. (If you thought Kai was just really tan I apologize) It has never been an issue for me. Obviously. When I found out I was pregnant and got over the shock of the news, I did wonder how having parents of different races would affect our child. I never really made an issue of it and don't make an issue of anyone else's race.
About a month ago Ethan and I were sitting on the couch talking about random things when out of nowhere he asks "We are white right?" Stunned, I just kind of looked at him. He then went on to say "We are white and Daddy is Chinese"
Still shocked and trying to hold back my laughter I replied "Ugh, well I am white and Daddy is Chinese so you are both". How the hell are you supposed to explain this to a five year old? Really.
Not one to be fooled Ethan replies with "What?! I can't even count in Chinese! How can I be Chinese? You are joking me"
I immediately started searching for the hidden camera, because surely he can't be this uh...confused. He was then convinced that he was a "Spaniel" because he can count in Spanish. Thanks a freaking lot Dora! After reminding him that he in fact can count in Chinese the issue was resolved...or so I thought.

Today all three of us were out shopping. The store we were in was playing a song by Young Jeezy. Ethan and I were sitting on a bench waiting for Kai to pay for his things.
Ethan starts mumbling "We're @@#@@#ight"
Me: "What? We're alright? Yes we're alright. What are you talking about?"
Ethan: "No! We're #*#*#ight"
Me: ??????
Ethan: "We are WHITE!"
Me: "What?"
Ethan: (talking way too loud at this point) "We are WHITE and Daddy is BLACK!"
At this point I am laughing hysterically and motion to a confused Kai that I am getting the heck out of the store.
Me: "Not exactly. Ethan you know that Daddy is Chinese"
Ethan: ????
Surely Ethan is not the only child to have an identity crisis. Right? Please tell me this is normal. Even if you don't mean it, tell me it's normal.

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  1. okay darling sister.. You know how confused I am on a day to day basis. In kindergarten we were to go home and find out our nationality "Italian" is what I was told. So I go back to school so excited to share with the class, I go up and my mind goes blank... I'm... Japanese I proudly tell everyone. Well, the teacher calls Nanny & Papa to tell them I think i;m Japanese. Come on I was 5!!! To this day at 31 I still get crap from the family. Ethan I feel ya sweet nephew. HAHA!!!



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