Monday, March 29

Crackers ARE cool

I recently heard about an upcoming event being discussed and planned for. I was immediately intrigued and asked if I could attend. The response? "NO! You ain't black"

It is true that I am indeed not black.

I am not big into bikes or half naked people or half naked people on bikes, but apparently I am out of the loop. Did you know that there is such a thing as Black Bike Week? Yeah. I didn't.

My first thought was Wow that is some racist ass shit. Followed by I totally have to sneak into black bike week.

I proceeded to question the Black Bike Week Planners about the occasion. They kept telling me that it was definitely black people only. I then began to plan a few events of my own.

Whitey Wednesdays, Cracker Karaoke, Snowflake Sushi Saturdays

These are apparently inappropriate events.

Further investigating uncovered the following information:

Black Bike Week is not only the largest black bike festival in the world but its also the largest black beach week event period. Every Memorial Day Weekend ( May 27-May 31, 2010) over 350,000 bikers travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for fun, food, festivities and more. If you love bikes and the people who ride them, you cannot miss this event.

Wow! Sounds fun! I sure wish I was black enough to go...

Further reading revealed this:
Is This Event For Everyone?

Black Bike Week is for everyone. It does not matter what gender, race or nationality. All are welcome.

Everyone?! Really?! Huh! Yesssss!

So it turns out that my "friends" are not in fact racist. They just do not want to take a road trip with me. Who can blame them?


  1. OMG! Too funny! You can come with me...if I ever decide to go. LOL And to me, you are the COOLEST! :-)

  2. LMAO! Count me in on your planned events. Not a big fan of Wednesday, but I do love Karaoke and Sushi!;-)

  3. To funny. Black Bike Week is for anyone, Black and non Black. I have been attending black bike week for year, and i have seen bikers of all Races "Black, White, etc" i run the and we welcome everyone

  4. Kim I will totally see you there. Haha

    BikerBoy I kind of figured it was for everyone. Just giving someone a hard time. Nice website.



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