Tuesday, March 23

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Sometimes I really like being a mother. By sometimes I mean when it's easy.

I totally think that people that homeschool are a little crazy and totally awesome all at the same time. It's not for me. I am too crazy to homeschool. So in September of last year I happily watched my son board the yellow bus to my freedom.

The first half of the school year went by without any incidents. As of January things have totally changed. I am not sure if E's teachers have just now learned how to use the phone, get lonely, or do not care that I do not want to get fired from my job.

Recently I received a call to let me know what they bought with my donation to the Valentine's party. Yeah I don't give a shit that they bought Pancit. Thanks for the info. It's not as if they bought all of the kids hits of acid. It makes no difference to me.

Last week I received a call letting me know that Ethan wouldn't wipe a table. Hello! They are bigger than him. Make him wipe the damn table. What the hell am I supposed to do while I am at work? I may be a badass, but I am not sure I can put the smack down over the phone. Handle it!

Earlier this week his teacher called so that they could find out what phone number I wanted him to know. My response? The one I already taught him at home. Freaking talk to the kid and find out what heck knows before you call me and make me think there is an emergency.

The latest call of doom really got me fired up.

Mrs. Douchface: I'm calling because Ethan hit a classmate and when we asked him why, he said she took his toy. When we told him he had to use his words and tell the teacher if a classmate does something to him he turned into a statue.

Me: Well that isn't acceptable

Mrs. Douchface: We were wondering if you could come to the school now and talk to him.


Mrs. Doucheface: We were hoping you could get through to him

Pissed off me: Well I would love to, but I am at work and not really able to leave right now.

Mrs. Douchface: Well do you want to talk to him on the phone?

I feel like I should clarify at this point that my son is in pre-school. Pre-school. I am not saying it is ok for him to behave this way, but whatever happened to sending a note home? When I was growing up if your parents got called to the school some major shit was going down.

The rest of the conversation was just as ridiculous. I called his dad and told him to just pick him up from school early. I guess it's true you really do get what you pay for and thank goodness I don't pay for this pre-school. These people are teachers. TEACHERS. Shouldn't they be able to "get through to him"?

I totally believe in good communication between parents and teachers, but I am on the verge of changing my number. Really.


  1. the mrs. douchface part made me laugh, which made my son kick me, so expect a phone call. he's just hanging out happily in my uterus and when i try to tell him how not nice it is to kick, he doesn't respond either. did you get through to ethan? because i need some help getting through to niklas.

  2. LOL @ "he turned into a statue." As the mother of a child who managed to get me called to the principle's office weekly while he was in public preschool, I can tell you that there are way worse things than smacking someone and then turning into a statue. I won't tell you what they are because I might want a relationship with my son when he's grown.

  3. Sounds like Ethan's teachers are a bunch of retards. You seriously need to let them know not to call you unless it is an emergency. Just tell them their constant calling is starting to effect your job, especially when they are calling all of the time for the dumbest shit!

  4. Ok so I used to get called all the time with my son over stupid stuff. But ya know how you tell your kid "I will beat you if you don't stop!", technically in todays society it isn't acceptible behaviour LMAO. So when a teacher is nicely telling your kids whats right and wrong and they ignore them there isn't anything they can do. I always just said "Let me speak to him." Doesnt matter the age.
    When he got on the phone I would whisper in a deadly voice "If you don't behave and your school calls me again I will kill you. Put your teacher back on the phone." Then in a cheery voice "OK call me if you need anything. I will talk to him further when he gets home."
    Needless to say after 2 or 3 calls spread out I didnt get anymore calls. Whether it was because he was behaving, or because the teachers freaked when he told them I was going to "kill him" if they called again, the calls stopped coming! =)

  5. Stephanie good for you for not embarrassing your child on the internet. Who does that?
    Kimberly I am hoping that I cleared it up yesterday.
    Kat trust me he got talked to. Love your I will kill you pep talk though.



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