Friday, March 12

Does anyone have a room for rent?

I am pretty sure my husband is trying to get me to move out.
Why else would he try to re-carpet our apartment with his dirty clothes? We have lived here five years and he still can't find the hamper.
He insists on keeping me company while I am in my "office" I have important work to do in there and I don't really need any interruptions. We really can talk when I am done.
He sleeps with the TV next to our bed on. Every. Single. Night. I usually get to wake up about 2 a.m. and turn it off which wakes him up and all of a sudden I am the bad guy. Since when does wanting to sleep without WWE blaring on the TV make someone a terrible person?
The latest shenanigans might just do the trick. We are driving to MD on Saturday night to pick up his parent's dog so that she can come live with us. Yes folks we are going to make an eight hour road trip for a DOG. Seriously.
When will the insanity end? What is next? A pony? A rocket ship? This is totally getting ridiculous. Oh well. I guess it's Maryland or bust. I might just bust.

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