Thursday, May 13

how to screw up your morning routine and embarass the crap out of yourself ...guaranteed

I am a creature of habit.  Every day on my way to work I have to stop at WaWa for a coffee and doughnut.  No, I am not a cop.

If you have never been to a WaWa I suggest you find the nearest one and go. Where else can you get gas, free air for you tires, gift cards, coffee, a meatball sub, and tampons?  Seriously.  Go there.  Your life will change.

One morning I was in line with my usual purchase.  The line was rather slow moving and I was getting a little antsy.  Finally, it was my turn.  As I slid my coffee and doughnut over to Haskell* who is probably in his late sixties, he got on the microphone and started babbling about their delicious breakfast subs.  At the end he says something like get one today they are super yummy or something equally weird.  I started laughing right as he turned and looked at me.  Yeah. I'm an ass.  Haskell finished up and we had the following exchange.  Dad stop reading now.  

Haskell:  Hey they pay me to say it

Me:  Hey you gotta do what you gotta do.  You should see the stuff I get paid to do.  I have no clue what that even means.  I am a damn dental assistant.  Why am I allowed out in public without supervision?

Haskell:  Oh yeah?!  Would I blush?

Me:  Ohmahgodohmahgod  Haskell totally thinks  I have a super cool job I am a prostitute.  Shit.  Hahahaha  Oooooo...maybe I'll get a free coffee.  Where is my supervision?

Haskell:  That'll be $2.99

Or not.

I considered not going to WaWa anymore, but I would probably never survive.  Where else would I get my tampons and meatball sandwiches?  Now I have to let slow moving creepy porn 'stache guy ring up my morning treasures.

*Name has not been changed to protect him.  That is unfortunately his name


  1. Bec-Bec you F-in kill me...I LOVE IT!!!

  2. LMAO! Maybe Haskell wanted a little action. Ha ha ha!

  3. Haskell was just being polite..customer service.The customer is always right!That poor man will never be the same! I have been in that WaWA's and Haskell has always been a gentleman and so has the store manager,I don't know if I can ever go in that Wawa's again! (in my ceil blue scrubs)..he may think your the Heide Fleise of the dental world and I'm one of your girls!!!!!

  4. BRENDA stop hiding behind anonymous comments. You only wish I would let you be one of my girls. Why are you so close with the store manager and Haskell? WEIRDO!

  5. I suggest you flash him the fishnets (we all know) you wear underneath your scrubs. Do it. Your next box of tampox just might be on Haskell.

  6. Since I won the WAWA best customer award for the 2nd straight year , I can honestly say I too know Haskell. He is one happy cashier and I am sure helices his Rebecca. Thank god he doesn't give a shit about me. He just rings me up and says "" see ya buddy" next time

  7. Bec, I just read this blog entry to my mom and she say that when Haskell asked if he would blush, you should've replied, "No, but it would make you smile." Because you're a dental assistant, and you work on people's smiles... yeah. It was funnier when Mom said it.



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