Tuesday, June 15

i like my weddings just a little on the trashy side

Lately I have been reminiscing about my awesome "wedding".
A few days prior to the "big day" my soon to be baby daddy very romantically said to me Hey you wanna get married on Thursday?  Our vacation is over on Friday"  Since he put it that way there was no way I could turn him down.

It didn't help that I had apparently been transported back into the 1950s and thought that because I was "with child" I should marry the lucky man that had impregnated me.  (Dad I did not have sex before I got married or after.  Ethan is some sort of magic baby)

We went out that same day and purchased some rings.  The following day we went to the court house and got our marriage license and a list of people that could take our freedom away  join us together forever.  There were quite a few names and their locations on the list.  Ranging anywhere from funeral homes to private residences.

I have nothing against funeral homes, but I just couldn't see myself waddling into one to be married.  I called the first name on the list that was not a funeral home.  A very nice lady by the name of Ruby answered and agreed to marry us at her house later that day.

Since I was about five months pregnant with my magic baby and could only fit old sweatpants, I had to go shopping for some fancy attire.  I settled on white capri pants and a shirt that is only acceptable to wear if you are pregnant and have no sense of style.  My groom settled on a button up shirt and jean shorts.  We looked like we were going to Wendy's for a cheeseburger instead of embarking of one of the most important days of our lives.

Ruby turned out to be a very sweet lady in her eighties.  I loved it when she informed us that I did not have a proper wedding ring and she only got slightly annoyed when I could barely stop laughing long enough to say my vows.

After the ceremony  we went to eat at Olive Garden with two out of three of the people that were in attendance.  It is not the wedding that most people dream of having, but if you know me it makes sense that I was knocked up, wearing capri pants, and got lost on the way to my own wedding.

I am totally not the white dress, more than three people in attendance at my wedding type of person.


  1. In hindsight, I totally wish I'd been married in capris by an 80 year old woman in her house. The white dress/more than three people thing is HIGHLY overrated. 3 people and an old lady = awesome story. More than 3 people = stress, money wasted, and regret.

  2. I remember this day just like it was yesterday. Kai was sweating and forgetting what to say and you weren't doing much better! Ruby and her cute little house with plastic coated furniture, it was beautiful! The story is very well written, you really captured the moment! Wow, I never thought of this but I guess I was the maid of honor!!!!! I feel so special:)

  3. haha, such is the Navy way my dear! Lance and I were married in a similar setting, only I was wearing leather pants and a red lace top, he was wearing jeans and a button up shirt with the top two buttoned and his etnies. Our wedding pic was us standing in front of some stuffed eagle that made lance look like he had wings coming out of his dome!
    Well stated story my dear, one to definately pass on to the kiddo!

  4. what? no reference to my classy wedding? obviously we showed you how weddings should be done.

  5. White capri pants and prego shirt from wal-mart $20.00.Wedding at Ruby's $50.00,reception at Olive Garden "all you can eat salad and breadsticks"........priceless!

  6. what other kind of wedding is there ??? it's perfect !! the kind you WANT to tell people about years later....mine was very similar. extremely funny day for those with a sense of humor (and who have had several drinks....)

  7. I love that there are so many random weddings.

    Bianca, Taylor was the maid of honor. You were the ring bearer.

  8. You are so selfish!

  9. That is classic. I need to see that picture.

  10. That was probably the best wedding that you will ever attend. I am sorry for your other friends that I set the bar so high.

  11. Your wedding was awesome! I wish I had more friends that wanted to see my nuptials.



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